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Find more Bengali words at! A collection of Bengali literary works and occasional translations, with a random punctuation or two. In the true weaver family, Ploceidae (order Passeriformes), are the 57 species of the genus Ploceus, which are often divided under group names, such as masked weavers and golden weavers.All are small insectivores that breed colonially; most inhabit hot, dry country.

51 species are globally threatened.. The bird what we called “Sarosh”in bengali comes under this family(not sure what its called in bengali). Weaver Bird কবিতা ২৩ – স্বাধীনতার সুখ / Poem 23 – Swadhinatar Sukh (The Joy of Independence) Posted on 2015/06/17 2018/03/19 by jYoker. Weaver, any of a number of small finchlike birds of the Old World, or any of several related birds that are noted for their nest-building techniques using grass stems and other plant fibres. The Indian peafowl (Pavo cristatus) is the national bird of India.

They are particularly well-known for their roofed nests, which in some African species form complex, hanging . Bengali words for weaver include পটকার, তাঁতী, বয়নশিল্পী and বাবুইপাখি. The common tailorbird (Orthotomus sutorius) is a songbird found across tropical Asia. Contextual translation of "weaver bird name" into Bengali.

I think “BOK” is not Crane bird. I have visited every bird sanctuaries of India and many other birding spots,but my main love is of beautiful birds of the Himalayan region. 100 species are globally threatened. Since 1990 I am traveling for taking photographs of bird. Its Egret actually what we call “Bok” in Bengali. Bengali Name: Babui Distribution: In plain with low altitude; found India to Indo-China via Malaya, Characters: Chirping and roosting more time, movement very swift 2. This is a list of the bird species recorded in Bangladesh.The avifauna of Bangladesh include a total of 807 species, of which 2 have been introduced by humans. Nests of Engineer Weaver Bird or The Nest Buliding Bird are built mainly in colonies but isolated nests are not unknown . Birding and bird photography is my passion. Common English Name: Flame back wood pecker Scientific Name: Dinopium javanense Bengali Name: Kaththokra Distribution: In all parts of plain and even in … Human translations with examples: হর্নড্ পাখি নাম. This is a list of the bird species of India and includes extant and recently extinct species recorded within the political limits of the Republic of India as defined by the Indian government are known to have 1347 species as of 2019, of which 78 are endemic to the country. The house is famous as Babui Pakhir Basha in Bengali region . Hi, I am Amitava Nath from India. Popular for its nest made of leaves "sewn" together and immortalized by Rudyard Kipling as Darzee in his Jungle Book, it is a common resident in urban gardens.Although shy birds that are usually hidden within vegetation, their loud calls are familiar and give away their presence. Common English Name: Baya weaver Scientific Name: Ploceus philippinus. Actually Crane is the name of the family of birds with very long legs and a large variety of birds falls in this family. Ploceidae is a family of small passerine birds, many of which are called weavers, weaverbirds, weaver finches and bishops.These names come from the nests of intricately woven vegetation created by birds in this family.