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A wallaroo is an Australian macropod with its size between the big kangaroos and the small wallabies. The common wallaroo's diet is herbivorous and consists mostly of soft-textured grasses, shrub foliage, and coarse tussock grasses. The Warburto railway station name was derived from the Narungga name for a nearby spring. Scientific name: Macropus robustus (ssp robustus and ssp erubescens) Common name: Wallaroo / Euro The Wallaroo or Euro as a mature male can weigh in around 40 kg the female 20kg. Other names Black wallaroo. Wallaroo means "rock kangaroo". History Aboriginal. There are four subspecies of the wallaroo: eastern wallaroo (O. r. robustus) – Found in eastern Australia, males of this subspecies have dark fur, almost resembling the black wallaroo (Osphranter bernardus).Females are lighter, being almost sandy in colour. Subspecies. They all stand the same way: There are four different species of wallaroo, but the general scientific name for wallaroos is Macropus robustus. Macropus robustus. The name "wallaroo" is a mix of wallaby and kangaroo. conservation status. The name "Wallaroo" comes from the Aboriginal word wadlu waru, meaning wallaby urine. Their scientific name is Macropus robustus; the Macropus genus is broad and includes up to 14 different species. scientific name. habitat .

General characteristics The common wallaroo might be the most striking of all kangaroos. Least Concern . Most wallaroos are smaller than a kangaroo, and live in open, rocky country. As a wallaroo’s front teeth wear down, they fall out, and fresh ones appear at the back of its mouth, pushing the whole row forward. The Narungga are the group of Indigenous Australians whose traditional lands include what is now termed Yorke Peninsula in South Australia. Scientific name: Macropus antilopinus diet. With regard to euro wallaroo or hill wallaroo, one can say they’re a marsupial mammal of the Macropodidae family. Euros are stockier than the Greys and Reds,and tend to be independent with a sometimes aggressive nature. Scientific name: Macropus bernardus; Common wallaroo (euro) Scientific name: Macropus robustus erubescens; Antilopine wallaroo.

The coat colour varies from a dark, rich red in the males to varying shades of grey in females. There are three types of wallaroo. The early settlers tried to copy the Aboriginals by calling it …