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Being much rarer than its contemporaries, making up one percent or less of the Morrison theropod fauna, not much about its behavior is known.

But there was another large predator living 150 million years ago in the late #Jurassic period right along side Allosaurus that a good chunk of the public has never heard of.

And its not a bad one either. Some paleontologists consider it to be a species of Allosaurus (A. maximus). Torvosaurus … Saurophaganax maximus vs. barosaurus lentus. Read Torvosaurus vs Allosaurus from the story Who would win? Allosaurus vs. Saurophaganax. Torvosaurus obviously has a stronger bite force, but Saurophaganax has the advantage in the head/bite mobility department.

Robert Bakker estimated the size to be nearly, if not equal to T.rex.

Is considered a synonym for Torvosaurus Tanneri by a good amount of people. Weapons: Crushing jaws, slashing claws "Saurophaganax Maximus "Saurophaganax Maximus" is a large …

Now, since large apex predators usually don't have overlapping territories, I guess this is explained by the Torvosaurus' intrusion into the Saurophaganax's territory, so this fight won't be only for a meal, but also for land. Most of you out there have heard of Allosaurus. The size of Torvosaurus is not definitely known because only incomplete material has been found, but it was a large theropod. Stovall in Oklahoma also unearthed a considerable number of Apatosaurus specimens, a possible … They tended to hunt different prey and fulfilled different niches. Torvosaurus reached 9 to 11 meters (30 to 36 ft) in length and an estimated weight of about 2 metric tons (2.2 tons), which made it the largest carnivore of its time, except for Epanterias (which may have been just a big Allosaurus) and Saurophaganax.

Saurophaganax (I used an Allosaurus skeletal but they are very similar) has a far deeper torso than Torvosaurus, indicating that Saurophaganax's mass was far more centred in its torso.

Where: Wyoming.

Being much rarer than its contemporaries, making up one percent or less of the Morrison theropod fauna, not much about its behavior is known.

Length: 11-12m. 0:28. PPBA Tarbosaurus vs Saurophanganax by Parasaurolophus 67. Na délku měřil třináct metrů, vážil okolo šesti tun a byl vysoký čtyři metry v kohoutku. Saurophaganax was very large even for an allosaurid, and slightly bigger than its contemporaries Megalosaurus, Edmarka, Torvosaurus, and Allosaurus.

"The king of the Jurassic".

Diet: Meat.

Saurophaganax ("lord of lizard-eaters") is a genus of allosaurid dinosaur from the Morrison Formation of Late Jurassic (latest Kimmeridgian age, about 151 million years ago) Oklahoma, United States. When: Late Jurassic.

March 3, 2018 | Benjamin.

I think saurophaganax has it in the bag but perhaps im bias In case you wondered, the Torvosaurus is the one farther away, without head crests; and the Saurophaganax is the closest one with an Allosaurus-like head.

jurassic, prehistoricbattles, wattys2019. PPBA Saurophaganax vs Megaraptor

Saurophaganax was large for an allosaurid, and bigger than both its contemporaries Torvosaurus tanneri and Allosaurus fragilis.

That’s the prevailing hypothesis. PPBA Saurophaganax vs Torvosaurus by Parasaurolophus 67. 0:33. Saurophaganax maximus Saurophaganax (saurofaganax) maximus, v překladu pán požíračů ještěrů, byl obrovský dravý teropod, který žil v období pozdní Jury, asi před sto padesáti miliony lety.

weight: 4-5 tons based on Torvosaurus, possibly larger . by Animationking (Denis Tyrant) with 693 reads. Saurophaganax would win, its larger and more powerful, although torvosaurus has a stronger bite and can put up a pretty good fight. Torvosaurus (/ ˌ t ɔːr v oʊ ˈ s ɔːr ə s /) is a genus of carnivorous Megalosauroidea theropod dinosaurs that lived approximately 153 to 148 million years ago during the Late Jurassic Period (Kimmeridgian to Tithonian) in what is now Colorado and Portugal.It contains two currently recognized species, Torvosaurus tanneri and Torvosaurus gurneyi..