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Bronzeback Tree Snake is mildly Venomous * Hump Nosed Pit Viper / Hypnale hypnale / Churutta.

This … This snakes are only found in India and Srilanka. Various non-venomous snakes can also be seen in Kerala.

Many varieties of snakes are found in Kerala. The Rat snake's main food is rats, frogs etc. It is a very small snake. King Cobra got its name because of its frightening behaviour and looks. These snakes have the ability to climb the trees, houses etc. Western Ghats is also home to a number of tea and coffee plantations region and five most common poisonous snakes found in Kerala are Indian Cobra, King Cobra, Russell’s Viper, Saw scaled Viper and Krait. Find the perfect kerala snakes stock photo. Melanophidium wynaudense (Indian black earth snake) Genus: Platyplectrurus Platyplectrurus madurensis (Travancore Hills thorntail) Platyplectrurus trilineatus (Lined thorntail) Genus: Plectrurus Plectrurus aureus (Kerala burrowing snake) Plectrurus guentheri (Günther's burrowing snake) There are a large number of non venomous and non poisonous snakes found in Kerala, those are usually harmless to humans such as sand boa,python and rat snake. Mostly found in leaf litter. continuation of Nonvenomous – Venomous Snakes and other Creatures found in Kerala. No need to register, buy now! Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. In Kerala large numbers of people are dying because of the snake bites. Rat snake is one of the popular nonpoisonous snakes seen in every states of Kerala. Another snake that can be seen is the water … Bronzeback tree snake in the below image known as mara pambu has a mild form of venom, Harmless to humans. Sand Boa Rock Python Rat Snake Cat Snake Wolf Snake Kukri Snake Worm Snake Earth Snake Blind Snake Forest Snake Keelback Snake These snakes are the longest poisonous snakes which are rarely seen in Kerala. Few of the below list snakes are endemic to the Western Ghats of Kerala.

King cobra (Raja Vembala) King cobra : is one of the popular poisonous snakes that are found in Kerala which grows up to 15, in length.