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Most folks (including my hunting partner) do not know that boa constrictors inhabit the wilds of Montana. The species is also known as even the coastal rubber boa or the northern rubber boa.

Like those snakes, it kills prey by squeezing it to death with its muscular body and swallows the meal whole. 1998. The rubber boa at the most northerly of boa species and among the tiniest members of the boa family. The rubber boa … Racers also have larger eyes than rubber boas and round pupils. The species has also been reported to reside eastward through northern Nevada, northern and central Utah, and isolated populations can be located in Bighorn Mountains of central Wyoming and Montana. Their combined ranges cover much of the American west, from southern California up to Washington state, and from the Pacific coast east into Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana. Rubber Boa Charina bottae. 2 3 In 2001, a paper 9 was published in which it was proposed that the Southern Rubber Boa is a separate species. Yellowstone Nature Notes 8(9): 70. Montana Outdoors 23(5): 35-37.

Montana’s rubber boa is the northernmost relative of the giant boa constrictor and anaconda of South America. Their range extends from the Pacific Coast west to southern Utah and Montana as far north as southern British Columbia from Canada as far south as the San Bernardino and San Jacinto Mountains in California. The young are pink and slightly transparent, but darken with age. Distribution. It generally inhabits grassland, woodland, and forest habitats from sea level to 9,200 feet. Their underside is light yellow, and some individuals have additional brown mottling. Similar species: The racer (Coluber constrictor) can be found from southern British Columbia, east to Maine, and south across the US to southern Florida and southern California.Racers, as their name implies, are fast and sleek snakes, unlike the slow-moving rubber boa. Rubber boa Constricting snakes may be typically associated with jungle environments, but part of Montana and the Pacific Northwest is home to the Northern rubber boa… The distribution of Rubber boas covers a large portion of the western United States, stretching from the Pacific Coast east to western Utah and Montana, as far south as the San Bernardino and San Jacinto Mountains east of Los Angeles in California, … Common Name: Northern Rubber Boa Scientific Name: Charina bottae Other Names: Rubber Boa Identification: Adults have a uniform base color that ranges from tan to olive green to brown. Meet the rubber boa. Rubber boas were found in 2006 and 2010 at Montana de Oro on the coast of San Luis Obispo County, with photo confirmation in 2010. The rubber boa’s common name comes from its rubbery appearance, the result of small, smooth scales and somewhat loose skin Western HogWestern Hog--nosed Snake nosed Snake Rubber Boa (Heterodon nasicusHeterodon nasicus)) Rubber Boa ((Charina bottae) M. Bell E. Dallalio FWP AN UPTURNED SNOUT HELPS THE HOG-NOSED SNAKE DIG FOR PREY YOUNG RACERS DON’T LOOK LIKE … The Rubber Boa can be found in Southern British Columbia through Washington, Oregon, idaho and northern mountains of California. Habitat Rubber boas can be found in southern British Columbia, eastern Washington and Oregon, California, northern Nevada, Montana, Wyoming and parts of Utah. Little is a little bit of an understatement when comparing these for their much bigger relatives indigenous to south America, including among others the emerald tree boa, boa constrictor, as well as the black anaconda. Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks, Nongame Program. A new record for the rubber snake, Charina bottae. Pope, P.H.

Amphibian and reptile survey on selected Montana Bureau of Reclamation impoundments. Rauscher, R.L. Getting back to the Rubber Boa, they are a very neat creature that I have been lucky enough to encounter a couple of times in my life. 1931. The Southern Rubber Boa subspecies is currently listed as threatened by the CA DF&G, and therefore protected by California law (although evidence exists that they are abundant, and range further than currently published). The Northern Rubber Boa is found from southern British Columbia south through Washington and Oregon to the northern half of California, and east to western Montana, western Wyoming, and Utah. Constricting snakes may be typically associated with jungle environments, but part of Montana and the Pacific Northwest is home to the Northern rubber boa.