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The rock hyrax or dassie is a very popular and sociable mammal that is often seen in the Pretoria National Botanical Garden. Resembling a large guinea pig with a grouchy-looking overbite, the rock hyrax is not at all what he appears.

These range from the behavior of the newly born hyrax to the attitude of the parents towards parenting. Diet Rock hyraxes spend several hours sunbathing in the mornings, followed by short excursions to feed. Rock Hyrax – otherwise known as the Rock Dassie or Cape hyrax (Procavia capensis) Appearance The rock hyrax is the closest living relative to the elephant despite its difference in size. Rock hyraxes live in rocky areas in the desert, savanna, and scrubland across central and southern African and the Arabian Peninsula. A lot of things are strange or at least unusual about the reproduction/life cycle of the hyrax. Rock hyrax. But it's not.

Description. Their diet includes grasses, leaves, buds, stems and fruit; however, they have been known to feed on the eggs of lizards and birds. The hyrax is a small, tailless, rodent-like animal with a long body and stout legs Size Approximately 44 to 54 cm (18 to 22 in.) Weight 1.8 to 5.4 kg (4 to 12 lbs.) About 30 to 50 centimeters in length (11 to 20 inches) Here are 10 fun facts about these furry animals, from Wired Science blogger Mary Bates. As omnivorous animals, these hyraxes mainly consume herbs, grasses, fruit and leaves, supplementing their diet with small lizards, insects and eggs of birds, caught when sunbathing on local rocks. The rock hyrax is so unlike other animals that it is placed in a separate order (Hyracoidea) by all itself. They have stumpy toes with hooflike nails, four toes on each front foot and three on each back foot. Diet Rock hyraxes feed on a variety of grasses and shrubs, with a particular liking towards new shoots, buds, fruits, and berries. Rock hyrax (Procavia capensis), Yellow-spotted hyrax (Heterohyrax brucei), Tree hyrax (Dendrohyrax dorsalis), Bush hyrax (Heterohyrax brucei) Weight. The female rock hyrax is from the Bronx Zoo while the male came from the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago.
Procavia capensis - The Cape Rock Hyrax. Although it looks like a member of the rodent family, the Rock hyrax is closely related to elephants, being descended from larger ancestors. The fuzzy rock hyrax looks like a rodent. The Cape rock hyrax, commonly known in South Africa as a dassie or a rock rabbit, is a stocky, squat animal that looks more like a guinea pig than a rabbit. Diet. Hyraxes drink very little water. The rock hyrax, also called rock rabbit or dassie, is a small furry mammal that looks very much like a very big guinea pig. Grass makes up 78% of its diet during the wet seasons, which declines to 57% in the dry seasons. Rock Hyraxes feed on herbs, grasses, fruit and leaves, along with Bird's eggs, Insects and small Lizards that are sleepily sunbathing on the nearby rocks. About 4 to 5 kilograms (8 to 11 pounds) Size. Diet Omnivore. Though rock hyraxes resemble rodents, their closest living relatives are actually elephants and manatees. When feeding, rock hyraxes form a circle, and their heads point to the outside of the circle in order to watch out for predators.

Reproduction and Lifecycle.

Behaviors & Diet; Habitats; Scientific name. When feeding, rock hyraxes form a circle, and their heads point to the outside of the circle in order to watch out for predators.

Rock Hyrax Diet and Prey The Rock Hyrax is an omnivorous animal feeding on from BIOLOGY ZOOLOGY 11 at University of the Philippines Baguio Diet: Rock hyraxes are herbivores. Zoo: Leafeater biscuits, carrot, greens, sweet potato, herbivore diet . These social mammals primarily eat vegetation. They can eat plants that are poisonous to most other animals, like solanaceae and euphorbinacae. They will huddle together ter keep warm, because they are not able to regulate their body temperature as effectively as most mammals. They eat mainly grasses, leaves, flowers, bark, roots, and lichen (plant). The foot and teeth structures are similar to that of the elephant.
Diet: Wild: Mainly plant material, but will also eat bird eggs, insects and lizards .

Gestation: Rock hyrax tends to give birth to two to four pups in the late spring/early summer after a gestation period of six to eight months.

Conservation: Widespread in Africa, their numbers appear stable.