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The Pink Fairy Armadillo or Pichiciego is the smallest species of armadillo.It is found in central Argentina where it lives in dry grasslands and sandy plains. Their average length is about 75 centimeters (30 in), including the tail. Armadillos are small to medium-sized mammals. مدرع أقطع preferred. Pink Fairy Armadillo prefer. The Pink Fairy Armadilloor Pichiciegois the smallest species of armadillo. It is the only armadillo which has a dorsal shell that is almost completely separate from the body. Individuals can grow to 83.53 g. "Earth's Endangered Creatures - Pink Fairy Armadillo Facts" (Online) - Licensed article from Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia. English: Lesser fairy armadillo, Lesser Fairy Armadillo, Lesser Pichi Ciego, Pichiciego, Pink Fairy Armadillo العربية : مدرع أقطع български : Плащоносещ броненосец Pink Fairy Armadillo (Chlamyphorus truncatus) (cropped).jpg 874 × 515; 58 KB Pink fairy armadillo (Chlamyphorus truncatus), Natural History Museum, London, Mammals Gallery.JPG 2,904 × … They usually weigh 85 grams. The pink fairy armadillo or pichiciego is the smallest species of armadillo. This article is part of WikiProject Argentina, an attempt to expand, improve and standardise the content and structure of articles related to Argentine Geography.If you would like to participate, you can improve Pink fairy armadillo, or sign up and contribute to a wider array of articles like those on our to do list. All species are native to the Americas, where they inhabit a variety of different environments. They usually weigh 85 grams. More Bulgarian. Start This article has been rated as Start-Class on the project's quality scale. Pink Fairy Armadillo Facts Last Updated: April 27, 2017 To Cite This Page: Glenn, C. R. 2006. It uses material from the Wikipedia article "Pink fairy armadillo". The Pink Fairy Armadillo's body is 84–117 mmlong and its tail is 27-35 mm long. This desert-adapted animal is endemic to central Argentina and can be found inhabiting sandy plains, dunes, and scrubby grasslands.
They usually weigh 85 grams.Their armor is a pale pink, and their legs are covered with little white hairs.

Hilariously, there's another one called the Big Hairy Armadillo!The Pink Fairy and the Big Hairy! The smallest species, the pink fairy armadillo, is roughly chipmunk -sized at 85 g (3.0 oz) and 13–15 cm (5.1–5.9 in) in total length. Chlamyphorus truncatus, Armadilo Kichimbakazi Pinki (Pink fairy armadillo) Nusufamilia Euphractinae. They use this shell for protection by curling up into a ball with the shell on the outside. It is a solitary invertivore.
It is found in central Argentinawhere it lives in dry grasslands and sandy plains. Pink Fairies are the smallest of all the armadillos. It is found in the Neotropics. Recognized by Wikidata. It lives in parts of Argentina and other areas in South America and is currently threatened by destruction of its habitat and by domestic dogs. The Pink Fairy Armadillo's body is 84–117 mm long and its tail is 27-35 mm long. The pink fairy armadillo (Chlamyphorus truncatus) or pichiciego is the smallest species of armadillo. They either have constant arguments over politics and lifestyle or are VERY special friends indeed. The smallest of the armadillo family, the Pink fairy armadillo is endangered. The giant armadillo grows up to 150 cm (59 in) and weighs up to 54 kg (119 lb), while the pink fairy armadillo is a diminutive species, with an overall length of 13–15 cm (5–6 in). The armadillo's body is 84–117 mm long and its tail is 27-35 mm long. « Previous Page. Recognized by Wikidata. The pink fairy armadillo is the smallest species (Photo: Cliff /Flickr) In addition to its rosy-colored armor, the pink fairy armadillo ( Chlamyphorus truncatus ) is named for its diminutive size. Pink Fairy Armadillo, Chlamyphorus truncatus.