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Meagyn’s Pet Bear in Animal Jam AJHQ sometimes releases animals, pets and items into Animal Jam and Play wild which have an amazing backstory. Let’s take a look!

Thanks! The default fur color is a medium brown with lighter tan nose and inner ears. The only way you were able to obtain the Pet Seal was by entering the code that came with the Shimmerway pet. Meagyn’s Pet Bear is one of those pets. How to Get Pet Seals in AJ.

-2-3 Meagyn bears per grasshopper/cricket or other rare pets -8 Bears for Epic Tiger Plushie feel free to send me a jag or send me a message on here! Trading. There have been multiple glitches that caused this pet to be purchasable in the Choose a Pet menu. However, there are other ways. The first is the Pet Turtle, the second is the Pet Polar Bear, and the third is the Pet Penguin. my user is eli31822 on aj. It has an oversized head and a small body. <3 This most recently occured in March 2018, where this pet was available for Diamonds. The Pet Seal is among the rarest pets in Animal Jam. This pet appears to be a bear cub. Speedyvanellope wrote: Hi guys I actually know how hackers make bears! It has squared and basic features. It was first released on November 29, 2018.

I've been looking for the worth of meagyn's pet bears, but I can't find it anywhere (even the collectors item wiki, but they don't have anything that has to do with pets) so if any of you know what it's supposed to be worth, please reply that here. be sure to send a photo of your bear before i visit you on aj! You will be able to find Jammers that own the seal, and they might want to trade with you.