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Remember that the quick grows with the nail and an overgrown nail will have a longer quick.

Trimming your bird's nails can be difficult at first, we recommend having a second person to help restrain your pet and keep them calm. Please enter your city or zip code and search radius to find locations near you! If your pet has dark nails, clip only a small amount from nail tip.

Routine nail trimming is very important . The quick is the blood vessel and nerve that grows part way down the middle of each nail.

If you're not sure whether your bird needs a nail trim, there are some key signs to look for that can help you determine when the time is right. Scroll down to see all locations. If your bird's nails get too long it causes them difficulty perching. Grooming services for exotic birds Add a little spa treatment to your birds experience while boarding at Free Flight.

Francis Apesteguy/Getty Images.

For a small bird, a pair of nail scissors may work out well enough, but for a big bird, a clipper that can cut through the thicker nail quickly and cleanly will be essential.

Long nails may also get caught on furniture, carpet and in your clothing. Trimming your bird’s nails. Boarding Drop Off & Pick Up Times. Nails that become too long and sharp also become uncomfortable for you when handling your feathered friend! Mobile Bird Grooming comes to your home to groom, while providing the utmost comfort to your birds.

I am happy to help you select a bird to fit your needs. Nail trimming isn’t the easiest task, but doing so helps keep your bird comfortable and helps you avoid scratches. Nails are naturally worn down in nature, and while some pet bird perches help to grind nails down naturally, because a domestic bird lives indoors, they sometimes need a little pet parent assistance.

Yes, but it is important to be careful when trimming the nails. As a specialty exotic bird shop, we offer the best variety of food, toys, and cages for your pets. When trimming your bird's nails it is important to remember that each nail has a blood and a nerve supply called the quick. Find the best Dog Nail Trimming Services near you on Yelp - see all Dog Nail Trimming Services open now.

Toenails. Some birds may be trained to allow a favorite person to file the tips off their toenails with an emery board. The size of the clipper will depend on whether you a small or large bird. Large Birds (Cockatoos, Africa Greys, Macaws): $15. However, some beaks can overgrow due to illness, malnutrition, or lack of proper toys.

Carefully examine nails to find blood vessels.

Parrot Food; Canary, Parakeet, Conure, Amazon, Grey or Macaw Toys & Accessories; I will come to your home for: Wing & Nail Trims; Conure, Amazon, Grey or Macaw DNA Sexing; Conure, Amazon, Grey or Macaw Behavioral Issues; Find the right bird For your Family and Life style!