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The Oldest Light in the Universe ... New image of infant universe reveals era of first stars and more-- NASA/Goddard press release Join our growing list of subscribers - sign up for our express news delivery and you will receive a mail message every time we post a new story!!! A team of scientists at the Australian National University has discovered the oldest known star in the universe. The oldest known star in the Universe discovered by a team led by astronomers at The Australian National University. Fieldset. April 9, 2014. Methuselah Star, the Oldest Known Star in the Universe.

They believe the star is from the second generation of stars ever to form. We can never really be sure what is the oldest star in the Universe but Methuselah Star is widely seen as being the oldest star so far discovered. This strange star has caused quite a bit of trouble for astronomers in the past, because estimates had at one point put its age at around 16 billion years - well before the birth of the Universe, which doesn't make sense at all. HD 140283 is so old that it has been dubbed the Methuselah star by the media. The age of the oldest known stars approaches the age of the universe, about 13.8 billion … In fact, scientists still can't say with certainty exactly when were born the first stars and galaxies, but … A team led by astronomers at The Australian National University has discovered the oldest known star in the Universe, which formed shortly after the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago.

Astronomy. The discovery has allowed astronomers for the first time to study the chemistry of the first stars, giving scientists a clearer idea of what the Universe was like in its infancy. Previously, the title of oldest known star in the universe was held by HD 140283, which is about 13.2 billion years old. It had at one time been calculated as being older than the Universe at 16 billion years old before being revised down to 14.5 and then to 13.7 billion, a mere 100 million years after the Big Bang. Hubble’s Cosmic Holiday Wreath.

More. Although mentioned … A team of astronomers has discovered the oldest known star in the Universe, which formed shortly after the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago. The star formed shortly after the Big Bang… Astronomers in Australia have found the oldest known star in the universe, a discovery that may re-write our understanding of the universe directly following the Big Bang. Astronomers have discovered the oldest living star in the (known) universe — and, remarkably, it’s situated right on our galactic doorstep, just 6,000 light years away, well within the Milky Way.