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Catwoman Movie Costume Halle Berry's Catwoman might not have garnered a whole lot of fans, but no one can deny that she looked fabulous in this sexy Catwoman outfit.
This version draws attention to Catwoman's sexy side. Catwoman has lots of versions to her costume, so as long as you've got on black pants and a hot black top, no one will be complaining. Make your own DIY homemade Halle Berry Catwoman Costume from the movie Catwoman as a halloween costume, cosplay or fancy dress Catwoman - Publicity still of Halle Berry. 2 months ago. For a Halle Barry Catwoman, wear long black gloves that end above the elbow. You don't need a catsuit to make a Catwoman costume. I've asked around, the older of us remember no claw marks & the younger swear it always had claw marks. The image measures 3072 * 2034 pixels and was added on 4 November Halle Berry Says After Black Panther, Catwoman 'Deserves Another God---- Chance'

The Gloves – For a Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman, your gloves should run right into the sleeves of your catsuit. See more ideas about Halle berry, Halle, Halle berry hot. Apr 17, 2019 - Explore sg646635's board "Halle Berry Catwoman", followed by 154 people on Pinterest.

level 1. Dark Knight Catwoman Costume