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It depends on which squirrel you are asking about. Nature Stars: 20.

Species information. Category. About: One of our most familiar mammals. Eastern Grey Squirrel, its scientific name is Sciurus carolinensis. The tail has many important functions. It provides an easy encounter with wildlife for many people, but can be damaging to woodlands and has contributed to the decline of the red squirrel. There are many different species of squirrel natively found in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa.Squirrels are small rodents generally between 10 cm and 20 cm tall, although some species of squirrel-like marmots and prairie dogs around the size of a small beaver.. Scientific Name: Sciurus carolinensis Other Common Names: Bannertail or Silvertail Description: Eastern grey squirrels commonly occur in two colour phases, grey and black, which leads people to think—mistakenly—that there are two different species. Eastern Gray Squirrel.

Woolly Flying Squirrel is Eupetaurus cinereus. Category: Mammals. Hope this helps. They can become very tame in town parks, and are frequent visitors (sometimes becoming pests!)

About 30cm long, with a fluffy tail of about 20cm. Squirrels are closely related to the mountain beaver not the common house rat.

It is found in a great variety of woodland, parkland and suburban and even urban habitats.

Scientific name: Sciurus carolinensis Common name: Eastern gray squirrel The eastern gray squirrel is a very common, North American, tree dwelling rodent. Common name - grey squirrel; Scientific name - Sciurus carolinensis; Size - body length of approximately 25cm, with an additional tail length of around 20cm; Identification tips - body colour grey with a much paler, sometimes white, chest. The most notable physical feature of the eastern grey squirrel is its large bushy tail.

Description. Species information. Scientific name: Sciurus carolinensis.

What is an Eastern Gray Squirrel? For example, where I live, we have fox squirrels, which are Sciurus nigra.

Grey squirrels have mainly grey fur, but may have red-brown patches, especially around the face and legs. Arboreal. It is often found in woodlands, suburban areas and urban areas. What are nature stars? Grey squirrels have grey fur on their backs and sides with a white underbelly and a reddish chestnut coloured tinge all over in summer. Eastern Gray Squirrel Image.

Siberian flying squirrel is Pteromys volans. None . dray, colony, scurry .

About: One of our most familiar mammals.

The scientific name for a squirrel is sciuridae.

Group name. Not to be confused with: the red squirrel.

Grey Squirrel fact file.

Diet and Nutrition.