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Now press play. The animal kingdom is not about the allow the humans out do them when it comes to the dance rave called the Gangnam-style. Think adver-dance-ment.Got it? funny gorilla gangnam style dance, I know Carson enjoys monke videos. Gerhard, an infant Western Lowland gorilla at Apenheul Zoo in the Netherlands, is wowing visitors with his … So last time, “Gangnam Style” features the horse dance.

Electric plush toys for children Plush doll simulation Gangnam Style PSY creative funny toy Dancing singing dolls birthday giftS. Apr 13, 2018 - Explore frost10's board "Gangnam Style", followed by 4125 people on Pinterest. Resize; Like. By Nick Pryer for The Mail on Sunday 22:00 25 May 2013, updated 01:50 26 May 2013 I had acquired a new found respect for the work Korean’s were doing in Gangnam to enhance a sense of Korean identity, and personality, through their work, one stitch or brush stroke at a time. On Friday, YouTube user John Karam uploaded this video of a baby riding an invisible horse (a.k.a. 11:18 6 Fidget Spinner Magic Tricks! The girl goes absolutely crazy and it’s epic.

We’re talking, of course, about monkeying around, Gangnam-style. Forget dancing dads, here's a new king of the swingers. Oh, and now throw in the Cadbury gorilla. | Wandering Horror Custom Map.

Gerhard, an infant western lowland gorilla at Apenheul Primate Park in the Netherlands, is wowing visitors with his own moves inspired by the worldwide dance craze. Since … 0.0 (0) ... gorilla toy size teddi bear dc toy cat in bread orangutan soft toy monkey soft toy sing toy Insightful Reviews for : monkey toy girl phone By the end, everyone is up on their feet and dancing along. 3,090 Views. See more ideas about Gangnam style, Style and Psy gentleman. Does Psy like getting inspirations from animals? ... Minecraft | GANGNAM STYLE JUMPSCARE!! Featured. dancing) to PSY's hit song, 'Gangnam Style'. Now, picture Psy's "Gangnam Style" mating with it. This time, it’s a gorilla dance? Gorilla dancing to Maniac full video. The second song that starts playing is none other than Psy’s “Gangnam Style” and it’s even more high energy than the first track. Featured. US $20.15. Then I came across the severed hand and the 20-foot gorilla, and realised that creativity and style cannot be categorized so simply. Good. Who taught this youngster to dance… MORE STORIES; Going ape for Gangnam... it's Psy the gorilla! Imagine, if you will, "What Does the Fox Say?" 2,578 Views. 03:26 KIDZ BOP Kids - Dance Monkey (Official Music Video) 3,101 Views. Other than the unique dancing, the MV also features Piko-Taro, the singer and creator of “Pen-Pineapple Apple-Pen …