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The gelada habitat consisted of high-elevation open grassland and adjacent escarpments (sleeping sites). The chacma baboon group ranged from 82 to 91 individuals, including 9–11 adult males, 29–31 adult females, and their immature offspring.

Keywords: gelada, behaviour, grooming, interspecies communication INTRODUCTION The gelada baboon (Theropitecus gelada) is the only living species of the genus Theropitecus of old world monkeys who inhabit highland plateaus and grasslands of Ethiopia (Crook et al., 1966).

See what AWF is doing to prevent this species from becoming endangered. Gelada Baboon Reacts to Being Cheated on With Fury If a gelada queen doubts her king's influence, she'll happily play the field.

Gelada Baboon | African Wildlife Foundation But when she gets caught, it's up to the alpha to fight for what's his.

Ankel-Simons (2007) classifi es the gelada The smallest is that of the family, a stable unit of one male or a few males, two to ten females and their dependent offspring. The baboon habitat was patchy scrub forest interspersed with seasonally flooded grasslands. In fact, it has been identified as a least concern species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature ( IUCN ). The Gelada baboon is not a threatened or conservation-dependent species. Unless authorised by the Ethiopian government for the purposes of national interest and scientific research, it is illegal to hunt, kill or collect these animals.

Gelada Society Geladas live in multi-level societies. The gelada monkey is the last species remaining from a lineage of grazing primates that were once more numerous than baboons.