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I’ve spent a fair bit of time on both of these shocks to get them … The 2019 FOX x2 has a maximum pressure of 300 psi and a maximum of 4 Volume Spacers. Fox Suspension Float X2 Factory 2Pos Trunnion Shock 2021.

Fox Suspension Float X2 Factory 2Pos-Adjust Shock 2021.

Max weight for Fox 2018 Float DPX2? From $554.99. The Ripmo’s suspension is really good. Fox Suspenders. Make Offer - Fox Float CTD Rear Shock 7.875 X 2.0.

Available in imperial and metric sizes including new 210x50, 210x55 & 230x57.5! 2021 FOX Float X2 Rear Shock. Make Offer - 2019 Cane Creek DB Double Barrel CS 210x55 Ripmo V2. SAVE 14% RRP $580.99.

NEW chassis & damper. Almost new Fox Factory Float X2 w/ climb switch. It's 11mm longer with a larger positive and negative chamber. The all-new X2 changes everything, including the game. My 210x55 FOX X2 arrives from TFTuned today Also got a Shockwiz in the Black Friday sales so its going to be a suspension set up weekend . I’ve alwys been a Fox guy and currently have a DPX2 on my Yeti SB6.

R. E. FOX X2 Bushing kit size for a Levo. It is a 210x55. 250psi is the max on that one. $415.00 +$12.00 shipping. 2019 Cane Creek DB Double Barrel CS 210x55 Ripmo V2.

This award-winning, gravity-defying air shock holds nothing back, especially not you. I have a 2017 SC Hightower and I'm looking at upgrading the rear shock. Up front, the 36 Factory RC2, ridden stock with one volume spacer, gave plenty of damper control. QR Code Link to This Post. Sold separately Find volume spacers for your FLOAT X2 here. It’s great in fact and the platform is perfectly complemented by the 2018 Fox suspension. Fits the Yeti SB130 (makes it … No extra charge to customise the stroke!

Fox Float rebuild kit for all Fox Float shocks from 2000 until current model shocks. FEATURES.

NEW high-flow main piston.

Boasting a laundry list of advanced features, the Float x2 is ready to clean house. Black. to a 2018 Float DPX2. SAVE UP TO 16% RRP $659.00 . Mar 9, 2020. rvdm.

11 Reviews.

300psi max.

From $669.00.

Selling my 2017 Fox Float X (8.5 x 2.5) Tune id: C6X9, rear shock that came stock with my Yeti sb6c. It is a fairly simple service that can greatly improve the performance of an old Fox shock and bring it back to life. I wouldn't **** you, you're my favorite turd. The X2 is the one you need to worry about. FOX Factory Rebuild Kit for Float Rear Shocks — $19.99. This kit includes everything you will need for the service. 2019 Fox DHX2 9.5 x 3.0. Float X2 Volume Spacers Included; Fox Mounting Hardware. The Float X2 rear … From what I’ve read, Santa Cruz spec’ed the Super Deluxe RCT because of its lower bearing mount in the 210x55 configuration which helped with … 2020 Fox Factory Float X2 Shock - 210x55 - $500 (Wheat Ridge) < image 1 of 2 > condition: like new make / manufacturer: Fox model name / number: Float X2 part type: suspension parts size / dimensions: 210x55mm. 2020 Fox Factory Float X2 210x55. DVO Suspension Topaz Air Rear Shock. Black. Replies 38 Views 5K. Reactions: ... Fox Float X2: anyone have opinions? $450.00 +$15.00 shipping. He has to run pretty high pressure too, but he said he is happy with it overall.

Freshen up your Fox shock.
Just ask! NEW graphics. From $500.00. Want a FLOAT X2 for your 2019+ Stumpjumper or Levo FSR in 210x52.5? Fox Suspension Float X2 Factory Rear Shock 2020. escrs; Mar 2, 2020; Replies 2 Views 292. Mar 3, 2020. I know that the 210x55 received a big revision to the air can for 2019.

SOLD. Albuht; Jun 14, 2019; 2.
So I currently have a brand new Bronson frame on order.

Heres the results of the shootout between the Float X2 and the Super Deluxe RC3. Make Offer - 2019 Fox DHX2 9.5 x 3.0. The size is sold out until November from Fox.