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Jump to recipe ↓ Masala Dosa is originally from Udipi and is geneally made by stuffing dosa with potato masala. A Mumbai street food staple, this dosa offers an Indo-Chinese twist to your regular dosa. Moru moru dosa

Few months back,I got a request to share restaurant style golden colored,crispy dosa recipe. Sharing the easy dosa recipe made with rice flour. We make dosa for breakfast & dinner as well. Dosa is usually made by soaking the rice and urad dal for few hours and grinding them to a fine paste.

The crispy dosa with the delicious filling is dipped into the chutney and then dunked into the bowl of piping hot sambar.

It is easy to make and is great to get your street food fix during the lockdown.
Find the recipe here. Dosa is made from soaked and drained rice, fenugreek seeds, and urad dal, also known as black lentils.Processed in a food processor and combined with water, the mixture makes a thin batter that ferments until flavorful. Crispy dosa batter recipe with video - Easy dosa recipe with rice flour using mixie.

Dosa is a favorite South Indian breakfast served with chutney and sambar. You can even add some grated cheese to the mix to make it more interesting. Schezwan dosa. The ground batter is fermented over night and the batter is ready the next day to make crispy dosas. Generally South Indians especially Tamil people make dosa using Idli batter by diluting it. The thin paper dosa forms a wrap around the masala which is then had with chutney and sambhar. Find the recipe here.