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Visit my blog at 1 decade ago . No products in the cart. I'm getting a False Water Cobra this July/August and to say I'm excited is an understatement. EN10 7QA 01992 470 490 Contact Zoo Map The Big Cat Sanctuary Search Sign-in Basket (0) I got a cage on order and a temporary one incase he/she gets here before that. However, unlike the true cobra the false water cobra stays in a horizontal position when it flattens its head, rather than standing in a vertical position. Filter. Anonymous. Done. Water & Feeding Dishes; GIFT CARDS. 383 views The false water cobra is a neotropical species inhabiting southern Brazil, eastern Bolivia, Paraguay, and northern Argentina. Hello everyone. Chan and Marc spend a lot of time together seeing that he’s the only person crazy enough to film all of Chandler’s crazy encounters.

Extremely high prey drive for anything really, mildly venomous. Packed up with a few cloth sacks and wooden crates was a False Water Cobra, a Black Throat Monitor, 2 Tegus, Yellow Anaconda, Green Anaconda, and a Blue Tongue Skink. Gallery . Home / Shop / Animals / Snakes / Other Snakes Egyptian False Cobra $ 199.99. Out of stock. Includes front sliding repti-zoo enclosure or $400 for snake alone. Relevance. False Water Cobra questions. I've done my research, watched videos, etc. Cart. Answer Save. However, unlike a true cobra, it does not rear up, but remains in a horizontal position. Moving can’t take with. Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection (2017) Add a photo to this gallery. Close • Posted by 1 minute ago. Notify me when this item is back in stock. I see them for sale on a regular basis at snake shows and on, and there was even a wonderful write-up recently on them in the month before last's Reptile's magazine. The South Florida Water Management District pays hunters like Crum $8.10 an hour, with additional incentives: $50 for a 4-foot-long snake and $25 for each additional foot.

Beautiful Male juvenile fwc, acquired here locally about 5 months ago. False Water Cobra Hydrodynastes gigas . The false water cobra is so named because when the snake is threatened it "hoods" as a true cobra (Naja species) does. Gear; NEW STUFF; PROJECTS. But I want to hear from the FWC owners on here. Favorite Answer. Is the false water cobra common do alot of people have it. OUR TEGUS; OUR IGUANAS; LOCAL STORE; PARTIES; WHOLESALE; Login $ 0.00. 3 Answers. $600 rehoming fee. Email Address . The common name "False Water Cobra" is an allusion to its ability to flatten its head, similar to a cobra as a defensive reaction to make it look larger and more intimidating. No products in the cart.

False water cobra < image 1 of 2 > QR Code Link to This Post. There are no subspecies which are currently recognized as being valid. They aren't incredibly common; but they aren't difficult to find; either. Gift Cards; GEAR. Also Accompanying him was Marc Rodriguez who is a friend of his for 6 years. False Water Cobra questions.