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Mercury signing. 0845 838 7878 Venture House Arlington Square Downshire Way Bracknell Berkshire RG12 1WA The specific problem was that the signatures of the individuals who had signed the deeds as partners of Gleeds had not been attested by a witness. Attorneys of Companies Can Sign Deeds as Individuals. The approach was set out in the practice note and referred to by the Law Society, and subsequently by the Law Commission, as “option 1”. An individual executing a deed on behalf of a company should sign in his own name as attorney for the company and his signature should be witnessed.

The Law Society had advocated this approach as a “prudent” one to be taken in the execution of deeds (whether by an individual or on behalf of a company) where the parties were not all present on completion of a transaction.

Deeds, Consents, Applications.

This fact has been the basis of some technical defences put forward by individuals … Tag: execution of deed.

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For an individual to execute a Deed validly, they must sign the Deed in the presence of a witness, who must 'attest' the signature. To be validly executed as a deed by an individual, they must sign the document. Execution of Deed by a Receiver; 1. Execution clause—power of attorney—deed; Option 1—deed executed by an individual attorney in the presence of a witness; Option 2—deed executed by authorised signatory of an individual attorney in the presence of the individual attorney and two witnesses; Option 3—deed executed by a corporate attorney under its common seal (model articles) Execution: Section 64 of the Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2009 abolishes the need for sealing by an individual (but not for companies) and abolishes the rule that authority to deliver a deed has to be given in the deed. The individual's name must be clearly stated.. The most common forms of execution are set out below –further details of execution requirements can be found in H M Land Registry Practice Guide 8.

Post author By Terry; Post date June 2, 2019; Did you know that an individual can execute (sign) a deed with his signature alone but a company needs a seal to make a deed? Categories.

Found in: Construction, Property, Property Disputes.


The signature should be on the document itself in the space provided and the words of execution should name the signatory or otherwise make clear who has signed the document.

This Practice Note sets out the requirements for valid execution as a deed by an individual, including those contained in the Law of Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1989, signing, witnesses, sealing, delivery and electronic signatures. When an attorney executes a deed which requires registration, the … Debt Problems | Bankruptcy Property Law.

Property deeds—valid execution by individuals Practice notes. Making one’s mark on a document is treated as signing it (s.1(4), LP(MP)A 1989).

The scheme administrator had prepared the execution blocks on the deeds as if the principal Gleeds employer were a UK company whereas in fact it was a UK partnership.

The CA 2006 does not permit the execution of a deed by an agent – any deed that purports to be executed by an agent on behalf of a company is not validly executed.