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ISBN: 9783829608787.

Hardcover / 10 x 14 inches 113 images / 180 pages. Ellsworth Kelly: Austin. Alle . Die Publikation ›Ellsworth Kelly: Austin‹ dokumentiert die lange Entstehungsgeschichte des Werks. Ellsworth Kelly: Austin: Foster, Carter: Fremdsprachige Bücher. Er ist am 27. Ellsworth Kelly (May 31, 1923 – December 27, 2015) was an American painter, sculptor, and printmaker associated with hard-edge painting, Color Field painting and minimalism.His works demonstrate unassuming techniques emphasizing line, color and form, similar to the work of John McLaughlin and Kenneth Noland.Kelly often employed bright colors. Ellsworth Kelly’s “Austin” at University of Texas Blanton Museum of Art. … The late artist Ellsworth Kelly’s first and last work of architecture, the Austin Chapel, has recently been completed by the Blanton Museum of Art in Austin, Texas. Ellsworth Kelly Austin: Die Künstlerkapelle in Austin, Texas [nach diesem Titel suchen] Schirmer Mosel, 2019. Location; Austin, TX, USA Completion Year; 2018; Architect; Ellsworth Kelly and Overland Partners; Project Description. Project Info. Ellsworth Kelly died at the age of 92, before the completion of the chapel, shortly after signing the design documents, giving his artistic seal of authenticity. ISBN: 9781942185567; Trade Edition: $65.00; ABOUT THE BOOK. Ellsworth Kelly does colorful art and his last exhibit is here in Austin at the Blanton Museum of Art.

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Photo by Leonid Furmansky. Ellsworth Kelly hat die Einweihung seiner Kunstkapelle nicht mehr erlebt. Zum Hauptinhalt wechseln. He left behind a body of work that includes masterpieces in numerous contemporary movements, from Hard-edge painting to Color Field and many others. In January 2015, the renowned American artist Ellsworth Kelly gifted to the Blanton Museum of Art the design concept for his most monumental work, a 2,715 … Co-published with the Blanton Museum of Art. Dezember 2015 mit 92 Jahren verstorben.