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LUCY AUSTRALOPITHECUS SKULL REPLICA. A male walrus skull will measure 30 to 35 cm (12 to 14”) in length (front to back) and weigh up to 10 kg (20 lbs) with the tusks. Populations of crabeater seals mainly occur in the Antarctic Ocean but can range north to South America, Africa and Australia.

Battle Combat Elephant Seals Hunter Johnson Music Video You Tube.m4v - Duration: 1:39. $275.00 ... U.s Navy Seals Long Sleeve T-shirt Skull Skeleton Seal Team Six 6 Devgru New .

Mirounga angustirosteis. Male Bengal tiger reproduction skull cast taxidermy REPLICA.

Unlike most marine mammals, walrus skulls are well armored given that they must anchor the tusks used for haul-out, feeding and fighting. * Made in USA Shop more Museum Quality Skull Replicas in Elephant Skulls Store * Size: 24 inch (61cm) * Museum quality replicas are cast in durable Polyurethane resins. $194.00 California Elephant Seal Skull. Carved Wood Elephant Ostrich Egg Stands Hand Picked ... We have a wide variety of hand selected and photographed animal skulls for sale and skull plates priced slightly above wholesale for people wanting to see exactly what they are buying. Specifications: Skull Length: 28.5cm (11.2in) Origin: Antarctic Ocean


An elephant seal with its skull fully stripped of flesh has washed up on the beach north of Morro Bay. C. Hunter Johnson 133,922 views $152.75 + $15.75 shipping . This collection dates back to the 1950’s and 60’s and was the work of the late Dr. Arthur Kelly. $189.00 + $16.75 shipping . Asian Elephant Tooth KO-313 $170.00 Asian elephants belong to the family Proboscidea (descriptive of their unique trunks), and are more closely related to the now-extinct mammoth than the Indian elephant. $151.00 Ribbon Seal Skull Replica. Museum Quality Elephant Skulls: African Elephant Skull, African Elephant Foot, African Elephant Tooth, Asian Elephant Tooth, California Elephant Seal Skull, California Elephant Seal Skull, Elephant Seal Baculum, Elephant Seal Canine, Gold-Rumped Elephant Shrew Skull, Rumped Elephant Shrew Skull, Asian Elephant Skull, Asian Elephant Brain. Walrus skulls are impressive.

* Made in USA Shop more Museum Quality Skull Replicas in Elephant Skulls Store Museum Quality Seal skulls: Baikal Seal skull, Bearded Seal skull, California Elephant Seal skull, Caribbean Monk Seal skull, Gray Seal skull, Harbor Seal skull, Harp Seal skull, Northern Alaska Fur Seal skull, Ribbon Seal skull, Spotted Seal skull, Sub-Antarctic Fur Seal skull. Phocidae. $337.50 + $28.75 shipping . $195.75 Bearded Seal Skull Replica. CALIFORNIA ELEPHANT SEAL FEMALE SKULL REPLICA. Seal Skull for sale. $132.75 + $16.00 shipping . 100% Legal & Ethically Obtained Sea Lion Skulls - Skulls Unlimited recently had the opportunity to purchase an antique research collection of California sea lions. California Elephant Seal Skull.

This species has been estimated to be the most abundant of the seals with population estimates between 10 and 40 million individuals. * Size: 24 inch (61cm) * California Elephant Seal skull is museum quality replica, cast in durable Polyurethane resins. Lappet-Faced Vulture Skull Replica.

Kirk Barron UPDATE: Faceless seal was likely another sea lion poisoned by toxic algae.

Buy Seal Skull on eBay now! $527.50 California Elephant Seal Skull, Male Replica. Walrus Skulls. Mirounga angustirosteis. Elephant teeth are the largest teeth of any living animal. Faux Elephant Tusk Reproduction; Fish Net for Decoration; Ostrich Eggs Imported from Africa.