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Moose are distinguished by the palmate antlers of the males. Among the many African creatures with horns, the Gemsbok Oryx is known for both its beauty and its size. This is a Tsessebe (sess'uh bee) .. a rusty-brown antelope with black on the legs. This will keep the antlers from drying out and help them retain their natural color and soft sheen. Etymology. Roan have back-curved horns in both sexes. No other antelope or deer leaves their offspring alone for so long. Giant Eland The giant eland is one of the must see African safari animal with more massive spiral horns than other antelope. Like most antelope, they are active mostly around dawn and dusk and can usually be found around bodies of water. This is especially so with the horns of Wildebeest and Cape Buffalo. Both the African rhino species and the Sumatran rhino have two horns. Mule Deer Shed Antlers Sheep Skulls Specials Unpainted Antlers Services Custom Replicas Antler Restoration ... Axis Deer 0805 African/Exotics Collection $350 Skull Option: Yes. As its name suggests, the giant eland is the world's largest antelope species. They are extensively poached for their horns made up of keratin. Both sexes have horns. Overson Black Buck 0800 54 2/8 Texas African/Exotics Collection $95 Skull Option: Yes.

Here are 6 cool and cryptic little deer, and where to find them. Characteristics typical of deer include long, powerful legs, a diminutive tail and long ears.

They are used as symbols and as spiritual animals in many cultures, and people highly respect this animal both for his symbolism and skin and meat. The name of the animal was imported into English in the 18th century from isiXhosa iqhude, via Afrikaans koedoe part zebra part deer.. Kudu, or koodoo, is the Khoikhoi and seTswana name for this antelope.

There are deer with tusks instead of antlers, deer that bark and at least one deer that no researcher has ever seen alive. African antelope African herd member African native’s aim to tour US city Animal close to home territory Animal that may be stripe Animal with a black strip Antelope Antelope with a hump and Beast with twisted horns Being from Africa, wanting English win Cousin of a gazelle Cousin of a gnu Endangered antelope Fast runner in dash to end of road They are known for their aggressive nature and are often seen charging towards oncoming danger.

Greater or Cape kudu bulls have the longest horns. Deer exhibit a broad variation in physical proportions. These are the second largest antelopes of Africa. Males tend to have thicker horns, while the females have longer and thinner horns. Black Buck. From tip to tip, the horns can grow up to 28 inches (71 centimeters) long.