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Crash Bash was the only Crash game developed by Eurocom, and since then the franchise has seen many developers and publishers. 15 images of the Crash Bash cast of characters.

So basically to sum up: Crash/Coco- Seemingly awful at tanks, mediocre at crates and good at polars.

The game's storyline involves a contest of good vs. evil held between the twin witch doctor spirits Aku Aku and Uka Uka.

This was also the last Crash Bandicoot …

Originally starring in a trilogy of plaformers, Crash has branched out to include kart racers and party titles. Photos of the Crash Bash (Game) voice actors. The people of the Crash Bandicoot universe. Crash Bash 2 is a sequel to the 2000 game.

FANDOM . Nitro Kart Characters.

Crash Bandicoot. Created by Naughty Dog and the title character of Crash Bandicoot, which later launched a franchise, Crash Bandicoot was initially viewed as a mascot for the Playstation and Sonys answer to Mario. Visit the Other … Ripper Roo A failed experiment of Dr. Neo Cortex, Ripper Roo is a insane Kangaroo, Ripper Roo is … The gameplay consists of 28 different mini-games and three distinct modes of play: "Adventure", "Battle" and "Tournament".

Wikis. Characters Perform the actions below to unlock the desired character(s): Tawna Bandicoot - at the Select Character screen hold L1 and R1 and press left, right, circle, right, left, circle, square.

In the How to Unlock column of this table, WP refers to the Wumpa Coins needed to purchase the character. Sony, with a little help from Eurocom and Cerny Games, hopes to remedy this situation with Crash Bash. Cortex/Brio- Very good at crates, below average on polars, good at tanks. Sony calls Crash Bash a "3D arena-based battle" game, but it's basically Mario Party without the board game elements.

Rilla Roo is a gorilla / kangaroo hybrid who appears in Crash Bash. Contents[show] Playable Characters Heroes Crash Coco Crunch Polar Pura Tawna Von Clutch Passadena Penta Penguin Farmer Earnest Carbon Crash Tiny Tiger Dingodile Baby T Fake Crash Magmadon Stench Foofie Yuktopus Grimly Spike Ratcicle … In order they debut in each game. It will be exclusive to Crash Bandicoot Mojo Collection. Crash Bash (Crash Bandicoot Carnival in Japan) is the fifth and last Crash Bandicoot game on the PlayStation and the first that was not developed by Naughty Dog, who produced the original trilogy as well as Crash Team Racing. The rest of the mini-games don't seem to be affected by the different characters. Either that or i just don't notice it because it's not visible. It serves as a heavy improvement over the original. Crash Bash is a party video game featuring eight playable characters with differing powers and skills. Games Movies TV Video. Crash Bash (2000) Rilla Roo; Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex (2001) Crunch Bandicoot; Lo-Lo; Py-Ro; Rok-Ko; Wa-Wa ; Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure (2002) Mega-Mix; Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced (2003) N. Trance; Crash Nitro Kart (2003) Emperor …