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27, trans male, he/him/his. Borneo STP General Discussion 0 / 0. He is the first to disagree with anyone labeling a blood as “aggressive” or “nasty.” His current breeding projects focus on Borneo short-tailed pythons.

Paradox Super Pastel Ivory. Date . Sumatran Short-Tailed Pythons (STP) Forums. Excuse the mug shot! Dec 4, 2014 . Despite the reputation they had many years ago, Blood Pythons make amazing pets.

Advertise Here; Related Posts. The fat sausages of the snake world! _____ … They are actually Sumatran Short Tailed Pythons. Beautiful Batrix and Borneo. Phenotype vs Genotype. This is a Male Borneo Short-Tail, he's 9 years old and just shy of 6 feet in length. Field Herp Forum - In another installment of the Borneo Dispatches, read the very amusing encounter with a Borneo short tail python, complete with excellent pictures. Borneo STP Morphs & Genetics 0 / 0. It has a solid body and very friendly and affectionate. Adrian, owner of Menagerie Herpetology. The reason behind the short tail of Manx breed is the naturally occurring mutation. Cookies disclaimer. Orion is a handsome and wonderful Genetic striped sideswipe borneo short tailed python I hatched in 2016. Mr Cassel is the best blood python in the world, discuss. Blood/short-tail appreciation thread User Name: Remember Me? Red Bellied Lesser Platinum. Blacks are commonly called Black Bloods which is incorrect. He weighs in at 16+Kgs. Location: Yorkshire. Jensen is a blood python breeder and collector with 7 years of experience and about 30 bloods and short-tails in his collection. Only Bloods are known as Blood Pythons Borneos are known as Borneo Short Tailed Pythons, but due to them being the only Python species on the island of Borneo they are often called Borneo Pythons. Borneo; Python Curtus: Sumatran short tail python; Python Brongersmai: Blood python; Python Brietenstini: Borneo short tail python; These separate species can still interbreed and produce viable offspring, making them an example of geographical isolation as a drive for speciation in the wild, rather than genetic isolation. - Here are some lovely photos of a terrific looking Borneo short tailed python. White Wedding - From Het Pied to 'Odd' Yellow Stripe. Common name: Borneo Python Scientific name: Python breitensteini Other common names: Borneo short-tailed python, Borneo blood python. A more accurate name for the Borneo Blood Python would simply be the Borneo Python or even the Borneo Short-Tailed Python. Views. 'Ultra-Breit' Borneo Short Tail Pythons Python breitensteini Th e 2004 - 2005 breeding season first produced some VPI line Borneo Short-Tail 'Ultra-Breit' offspring in our collection. Borneo Short-Tailed Pythons (STP) Forums. Borneo STP Pictures 0 / 0. Sunblock. corpselight and msumner18 like this. These cats have either no tail referred as rump or a short tail referred as stumpy. Would love to hear whah you think of him! These cat breeds are known to live for 13 years and their weigh differs from 7 … This results in a snake which has dull reddish brown and tan yellow coluration and which looks much less appealing than a pure Red Blood Python. Our adult female deposited 21 viable eggs on 05/06/05. Feeding the collection featuring most of the Sumatran short tail pythons, the dumerils boas and the carpets. Well, cleaning out the big guys today, and thought I'd snap a shot of the potential size of a Blood or Short-Tailed Python. On 07/06/05 the clutch began to hatch.