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Adaptations of a Beluga Whale. Survival Adaptations: The Humpback Whales are very well adapted for moving in their ocean habitat.Their bodies are stream lined like a torpedo and they have the longest flippers (Pectoral fins) of any whale,which helps to move them more precisely through the water.The humpback whales also have a fifteen foot wide tail used for faster speed when traveling long distances in the water.

These adaptations enable a beluga whale to conserve oxygen while it's under water. The blue whale -- a member of the group of whales known as the baleen whales -- is the largest known animal, growing to a length of up to 110 feet and weigh up to 190 tons. Whale sharks have also shown to have inherited this trait from carpet sharks. beluga whale facts Basics. When eating, the whale lets a huge volume of water and krill into its mouth. They can be found throughout the world’s oceans, though they particularly favor the cold waters found in the North Pacific, North Atlantic, and Antarctic Oceans. Blubber Being a warm-blooded mammal presents one of the biggest challenges for Balaenoptera musculus. They will be discussed below, separated into 3 different subcategories. LIFESTYLE The killer whale has adapted to live underwater freely, being able to dive at least 100 metres deep for 3-4 minutes. Is it hard to imagine how the world's largest mammal can swim in ocean waters? The killer whale has developed many adaptations to live in the depths of the ocean as well as hunt prey. Moreover, the reasoning for this pattern occurring on the whale shark’s back can also be related to radiation shielding. Photo courtesy of Jeffrey. Beluga whales, like other marine mammals, have a slower heart rate while diving. With its average speed ranging between 1.9-5.6 mph, the beluga whale is a slow swimmer like most of the other whale species. By understanding how whale bodies and behaviors are adapted to habitat and food requirements. Instead of teeth, they have baleen, a fibrous material used to filter their food. Baleen whales actually swim easily thanks to very strong tail flukes. Many whales are toothless. Learn more about whale conservation, their habitat, migration and other interesting information with our fun whale facts. Kids; Adaptations That Help Gray Whales Survive: Reading and Writing Connections : Dissecting a dead whale, a marine biologist could see that it spends its life in the ocean, lives at least part time in very cold water, and migrates long distances. Whale Adaptations. Here are some adaptations…. Another adaptation whales developed to protect themselves is related to size. Spine. 6) These marine marvels are a species of ‘baleen’ whale. It then pushes the water through its 300-400 baleen plates, which trap the tasty grub to be swallowed. Whales are huge, warm-blooded, air breathing mammals that live in the sea. Gulp! Weight: up to 1,600kg, from 600kg for adults, males are about 25% larger than females.

As the habitat of a beluga whale spans the freezing waters of the Arctic, it is totally dependent on its physical and behavioral adaptations for survival. There are many different species including the blue whale, killer whale, humpback whale and minke. For details on feeding adaptations, see NUTRITION. A beluga whale's heart rate slows from about 100 to about 12 to 20 beats per minute during a dive. The blue whale lifespan is estimated to be 80-90 years, although it is believed that they can reach an age as high as 110. Fun Whale Facts for Kids. Like humans, the blue whale's spine is flexible vertically but not horizontally, so it must resort to rolling on its side to make sharp turns.

These large marine mammals are often passed by numerous would be predators because they are simply too large to be successfully attacked and therefore attempting to injure and kill a large whale would likely be a huge waste of time and energy. How? The whale shark spends most of its time roaming in the sun, so this assists as an adaptation to its environment.