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Commercial hedgehog food often contains poor quality or unsuitable ingredients such as meat derivatives, meat by-products, cheap fillers (like corn and soy), low-quality oils (like canola), or skew towards plant material. View product Quick buy.

Account . This semi-moist food is highly palatable and is ideal for serving on its own or mixed with other food. This is great for your pet because hedgehogs need a protein-rich diet.

90. 85 (£14.27/kg) FREE Delivery.

61 £13.27 £13.27. Your Basket. Amazing Grace, a collaboration between the Save … Chicken is a protein-packed food that will provide the protein and nutrition your hedgehog … The key ingredient of this hedgehog food is whole chicken meat. Only 5 left in stock. Wild hedgehogs are natural insectivores that subsist on a diet of worms, caterpillars, beetles, slugs, and other garden variety bugs, but your little prickly pets should be fed a specially-formulated commercial hedgehog food. Your hedgehog … Discover more here. Spikes Hedgehog food is the perfect tasty meal for hedgehogs of all ages. Spike's Delite Premium Diet Starting at: $21.50.
Your Basket. Call us to place an order 01489 896785 Or email sales@reallywildbirdfood.co.uk. It …

Home > Hedgehog Food > Spike's Delite Premium Diet Hedgehog Food. Account. It is also delicious, suitable to almost hedgehogs … 1st April 2019. A totally cooked food supplement with chicken, whole soy and fish protein sources for hedgehogs…

Spikes Hedgehog Dry Food 2.5kg Trialled & approved by hedgehog hospitals Spikes food is produced specifically for Hedgehogs dietary needs. No wonder Spike’s is the most popular hedgehog food in the UK. Ingredients include rice, poultry meal, maize, poultry fat and vitamins and minerals…..Yummy!

Place in a shallow dish and put out before dusk in a quiet area of the garden, along with a shallow dish of water.
There’s nothing spiky about Spike’s Hedgehog Food – just naturally nutritious and delicious ingredients It is so good that it has been Hedgehog Hospital Approved, perfect for our spiky friends! We offer many varieties of food …

Spike’s Tasty Semi-Moist. Register | Sign in. £7.85 £ 7. FREE Delivery. The Spikes brand provides the hedgehog with semi-moist food, containing ingredients that are neither dry nor wet. We'll go over the best kibble to feed your hedgehog, and the different types of food … A complementary food for wild hedgehogs. Feeding guide. Product 4/7. Spikes Hedgehog Food. A mature hedgehog can eat about 100-150g of wet food … Spike's Tasty Semi Moist. Spike's Hedgehog Food has been carefully developed to provide a naturally delicious and nutritious meal for wild hedgehogs which, when fed regularly, will encourage hedgehogs to visit your garden all year round. Spike's Meaty Feast.

It is now 23:45 on the 14/09/17. £16.90 £ 16.