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The black-and-white colobus can reach 28 inches in length, not including tails as long as 35 inches.

However the black-and-white colobus of Grébouo 1 has a tail relatively long and untufted, in that aspect similar to Colobus polykomos. Although the black colobus (C. satanas) is completely black, the other four species are partially white.The young are white at birth. Approximately 6 months; the newborn colobus monkey has a pink face and is covered with white fur. A high reported of 20 years in the wild. At about 1 month, it begins to change color, gaining the black-and-white adult coloration at about 3 months.

Young are born all white, changing color as they age.

In all these defined aspect, this population is similar to Colobus vellerosus. Up to approx. Lowland, montane forests, and gallery forests. Diet. Sexual Maturity 4 to 6 years; there is no distinct breeding season, although most mating probably occurs during the rainy season. The best-known species is the Abyssinian colobus, or mantled guereza (C. guereza), of the East African mountains, including Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro. The thumb on this primate is nearly absent. Herbivorous. Habitat. Angolan black-and-white colobus (Colobus angolensis)
Eastern black-and-white colobus (Colobus guereza) Weight.
75 centimeters long (30 inches) Life span. Images of the form of black-and-white colobus found in the forest grove of Grébouo 1 are shown in Figure 2. Males can weigh 30 pounds, females can reach 20 pounds. 4 to 14 kilograms (11 to 30 pounds) Size. The five species of black-and-white colobus are slender, with long silky fur.

They have a glossy black coat, with a face and rump accented by white hair.