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Aquarium catfish have become popular, as they are generally very placid and live in harmony with other species of fish in the aquarium. There are currently well over 100 different identified species of synodontis, and more than one syno has been misidentified as a hybrid when it was, in fact, a new species. Where appropriate, try feeding commercially bought frozen livefoods, very small pieces of shellfish (mussel, prawn etc) or culture your own Daphnia, brine shrimp, or worms.See more about foods and feeding here Take a look! Rarely seen in the aquarium trade, even in Australia, where it is native.

See also the catfish on stamps, habitat, underwater, video collections and all C, CW, L & LDA numbers.

They have transparent bodies, making them unique on this list and unusual in the aquarium world.

Corys are small fish, with most species around 2.5 inches long. Species from rivers might appreciate water or an air pump to create a stronger current.

Some of the species can live in schools and communities, although … However, they sport strong spines and spiked fins that can pierce your hand if you don’t handle them delicately. Large catfish are a very beautiful and peaceful species that make a wonderful addition to a large community aquarium.

Many species of this fish exist, but are not yet officially identified; the three common aquarium species are known as L-018, L-081, and L-177. 20 species: Twig catfish: Farlowella spp. Glass catfish can grow to around five inches in length and do well in planted, community tanks. They make wonderful scavengers and help maintain good water quality. The catfish species I discussed in this article are all suitable for being kept in home aquariums, however, a lot of catfish species become very large and aren’t suitable for home aquariums. Several species of panaque are popular aquarium fish. With their long barbels they look almost like shrimp. Species tank or with other fish too large to bully. Many Loach species actually prefer to be kept in schools, and some species will literally pine away with loneliness if kept alone. Read on for more information about catfish… Aquarium catfish are different from the catfish found in the wild, in that they do not grow large and are more ornamental than their wild cousins. This spot is almost like a square in the South American and a triangle with the tip towards the head for the Asian. Catfish fish represent one of the largest groups of aquarium fish, and also one of the most diverse in terms of appearance and lifestyle. 77-86 F (25-30 C) | Whiptail catfish: Rineloricaria spp. See also the catfish on stamps, habitat, underwater, video collections and all C, CW, L & LDA numbers. 129 most popular aquarium fishes. Learn the scientific name, discover the habitat, diet and special characteristics of the Cuckoo Catfish with the Georgia Aquarium. Most are omnivores and require a balanced diet of meaty and vegetable based foods. Several species of panaque are popular aquarium fish. The glass catfish, also known as the ghost catfish, looks about like what you’d expect. WYSIWYG Freshwater Fish now available in the Diver's Den®!

Loaches are a fun addition to any tropical freshwater aquarium. many species exist but not yet officially identified; the three common aquarium species are known as L-018, L-081, and L-177 Whiptail catfish: Rineloricaria spp. African cichlids need a water temperature of 75-85°F and a pH of 7.8-8.6 should keep most species … 50px: there are at least 20 species in the twig catfish genus Panaque: Panaque spp. With more than 2000 species known to date, they are most popular and widely known among fishkeepers as scavenger for leftover food in the community aquarium.Catfish can also grow very big with size ranging from a few centimeters up to more than two meters in length. Generally, they are peaceful scavengers that spend their time rooting about for tidbits of food on the bottom. The South American can be identified by the spot at the base of the caudal fish. Most freshwater aquarium catfish stay under 12 inches at maturity but, again, there are always exceptions to the rule.

They reach lengths of only 1.3 inches. Fishing of this species used to be accompanied by religious ceremonies and rites. Many Catfish species are nocturnal, meaning that they should be fed in the evening (though armored catfish are one of a few exceptions). Many species of this fish exist, but are not yet officially identified; the three common aquarium species are known as L-018, L-081, and L-177. With so many species and colors available, you are sure to find the right one for your tank. We have 4,611 species, 17,643 images encompassing 50,223 populations in 5,938 registered aquaria. Large, small, peaceful, easy and hard to keep tropical freshwater fishes. The problem is many catfish sold in stores are only a few weeks, maybe months old and far from full grown. The typical Catfish species is a hardy choice for any freshwater aquarium. there are about 20 species of whiptail catfish Twig catfish: Farlowella spp. Fishkeeping Facts and Tips. It is often mentioned in textbooks, news media, and popular press. Microglanis iheringi Bumblebee Catfish There are 2 types of bumblebee catfish, the South American and the Asian. As a beginner, unless you know your catfish species really well you may accidentally purchase a common pleco catfish. Need accurate info and images of a particular catfish species?