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spittin' good alpaca meats (314) 440-1627. home; contact us; about us; shop; where we are; try our snack sticks once and you'll keep coming back! Rich in proteins and low in fat, and it has the lowest cholesterol than any other meat.

Whether you are just wanting to try alpaca for the first time or are already in-the-know and want to get the best bang for the buck, this makes for an enticing combo-pack! KB Alpacas breeds, raises and sells show quality alpacas as well as the fleece products produced from our animals. KB Alpacas is a ten acre farm owned and operated by Kim & Brad DeLaney in Clinton County, Ohio and we specialize in show quality colored Hucayas. Our raising is hands on and daily personal attention is provided to all our animals. Pen Raised Deer – Deer is extremely low in fat. try our snack sticks once and you'll keep coming back!

It includes 2 packages of alpaca striploin medallions, 1 package of alpaca top sirloin steak, and 2 packages of alpaca tenderloin. It is lean, tender and almost sweet - a mild tasting meat that will take on the flavors of whatever it is mixed with, with no fatty after taste. We have a great affection for our alpacas. Alpaca – Alpaca meat is healthy and is the most flavorful of meats. It is lean, tender, and almost sweet. As the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) does not treat alpacas as an amenable species, open to voluntary inspection by the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), the processing of alpacas into meat necessarily comes under the purview of the laws and regulations of the of the various individual States. State-by-State Inspection/Sales Regulations for Alpaca Meat. $ try our snack sticks once and you'll keep coming back! try our snack sticks once and you'll keep coming back! Alpaca meat is very low in fat, high in protein and iron, and is believed to have the lowest cholesterol level of any meat.