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All styles are available in additional sizes only at ae.com. In addition to standard indigo shades, AEO offers denim pants, jackets and shirts in … Use the charts below for American Eagle size guides. American Eagle Outfitters for women The AEO women's collection is targeted at people who can't imagine living without jeans and use it in their stylizations to emphasize their character. Between Sizes. Do not measure over your t-shirt and jeans. Are American Eagle jeans true to size? American Eagle Women’s Size Charts American Eagle Men’s Size Charts American Eagle Shoe Size Charts Tops, Bottoms & Outerwear. Because I don't want to go through a big hassle of having to send them back and lalala.

if you normally wear a 4 or a 6, i would go with the 4. you can always exchange them for a different size if they're uncomfortable. Before shopping our full collection, find out your size from our chart. Jeans, T’s, Hoodies, Coats & more designed to help you carpe the fit out of now. This will help enhance your overall shopping experience To get the perfect fit for these items, it is best to take clothing measurements over your undergarments. american eagle jeans are in women's (even-numbered) sizes and tend to run a smaller fit. Size Chart : Women's Denim. Shop American Eagle Outfitters for men's and women's jeans, T's, shoes and more. My Size Chart is here to help you to find right size for American Eagle Online shopping. Brand notes: With more than 1000 stores worldwide, American Eagle Outfitters offers trendy clothing for young men and women. You get my picture. They specialize in affordable casual wear options for women's sizes XXS (23.5 inch waist) - XXL (36.5 inch waist) and men's waist measurements of 28 - 48 inches. If your measurements fall between two sizes, order the larger size or the smaller size I wear a 16 in jeans, and I have to order the jeans online. Customer Service | HollisterCo.com limited time: entire store buy one, get one 50% off + free shipping over $50! Are they a true 16 or are they smaller than that?