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Fight using your horn, heavy body and mighty legs, hit your enemies, crush their bones and weak bodies to win! Content posted to r/nextfuckinglevel should represent something impressive, be it an action, an object, a skill, a moment, a fact that is above all others. Africa is the home of many wild animals we have in the world, the African elephant being one of them.

The African elephant has a competitive advantage when all these factors are considered. Show now mercy to your enemies and prove yourself as the largest and mightiest animal here with Rhino Fighting Game: Kung Fu Animals Fight! Watch ELEPHANT MATING WITH RHINO - Entertainment on Dailymotion. LOL Hot animal mating crazy videos funny video 2014 Part34 wild sex animal sex animal The white rhino may also use its high speeds to try and knock down the African bush elephant. But the elephant is way much bigger than the tiger and it may require around three tigers or more to take down a fully grown elephant. Rumble in the jungle: Dramatic photos show testosterone-fuelled elephant flipping over black rhino as she protects her calf. “The big tanks of the jungle fighting The elephant is more likely teasing and saying hey look at me I'm a stupid rhino I have a horn on my nose (When he picks the wood),” wrote the third making a laughter emoji. Koblenz ist ein Mitglied der Fighter for Elephants & Rhinos Familie. Here you can find a comparison of the two very dangerous wild animals which are African Bush Elephant vs White Rhino. I’m not sure which of those three would come out on top. If these animals were to get together for a fight, it would definitely be an epic fight. Do not police or gatekeep the content of this sub (debate what is or is not next fucking level) in the comment section, 100% of the content is moderated. Therefore the elephant can win against the Siberian tiger. Large male elephant attacked female rhino …

Wir kämpfen für die Elefanten und Nashörner dieser Welt. Most likely, the elephant wins every time. “There you can see brain behind that Tusker,” wrote the fourth. Elephant wins this easily.


The rhino and the hippo win most of the matches where the elephant isn’t a combatant. Trevor Barrett.

The following articles will help you to get more additional on African bush elephant vs white Rhinoceros. An elephant is just too big, the world record largest hippo and rhino would still be only in the middle range for an elephant, with a big elephant being half again the size of the biggest hippo/rhino ever recorded. People have had a devastating impact on African elephant and rhino numbers, but in parts of Africa we’re helping these amazing animals to recover “DOOMED.” That was the front page headline of the UK newspaper the Daily Mirror in 1961, accompanied by a full-page photo of two African rhinos. Nature is fighting back at this point, we have exceeded our level of balance in several ways like over population and over consumption , we are all to blame. Posts should be able to elicit a reaction of "that is next level" from viewers. Who’ll be your opponent today – bear, lion or elephant? We are out of balance things need to be changed otherwise we are heading for a world without us. It’s a toss-up between lion, the tiger, and the bear. It is more intelligent, stronger and can easily crash the rhino.

English (US) One advantage that the rhino has is its ability to maneuver and dodge attackers. Koblenz fighting for Elephants & Rhinos, Koblenz.