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In order to enjoy the outdoors without constantly swatting at the little buzzers or lathering yourself with mosquito repellent, you need to reduce the population of mosquitoes in your yard. Attracting dragonfly delicacies in the landscape is easy.

Description: These fairly compact plants for pollinators range from 1 to 3 feet high, with dark green fuzzy foliage. This can easily be done by planting specific plants in your garden (Bonus: the plants are just as beautiful as the dragonflies):

There’s a joke around my neighborhood… we have two seasons – Winter and Mosquito. Plant a few native plants … The lists include things like rudbeckia, milkweed, yarrow and sage. With the right plants and other garden features, such as rocks and water-loving plants, you can attract dragonflies to your yard and enjoy the many benefits they bring. How to Attract Dragonflies to Your Garden. Submerged vegetation such as dwarf sagittaria, which grows well in USDA plant hardiness zones 6 through 10, is a great option as it provides a place for nymphs to rest and seek food. 2018-12-20 2017-07-16 by Chris. Incorporating a pond into your backyard is also a good idea if you are attracting dragonflies to help control mosquitos as it will encourage dragonflies to return to your side of the neighbourhood. Flower Beds Flower Tree Unique Garden Easy Garden Cute Garden Ideas Summer Garden Garden Compost Garden Soil Plants For Garden. A wide variety of plants is best to support a thriving dragonfly population. Skip to content. Titles include, 12 Best Plants to Attract Dragonflies and Best Plants to Create a Dragonfly Garden. Here are 10 plants that attract dragonflies for mosquito control all summer long.
Attracting More: Plant a diverse range of flowering plants to attract flying insects that damselflies will hunt. After breeding, adults live only for a few weeks to a few months. Menu.

Size is not crucial, but dig the basin deep enough so that the water won’t freeze solid in the winter. Dragonflies spend two months to several years underwater, and water is a place they will return to time and time again. Dragonflies are graceful, beautiful and great at preventing bothersome pests from invading your garden. But do plants …

A small to medium sized pond will also help to attract damselflies to a garden. Many dragonflies spend two years as nymphs, during which time they must have a pond, river or stream. This can easily be done by planting specific plants in your garden (Bonus: the plants are just as beautiful as the dragonflies):
What Plants Attract Dragonflies? Dragonflies are graceful, beautiful and great at preventing bothersome pests from invading your garden. Home; About; Contact; Books; Tools We Recommend; Blog; 12 Plants That Attract Ruthless Good Bugs. Constructing a pond or other backyard water feature will attract a surprising number of dragonflies and damselflies. Now, in order to use this secret weapon that mother nature has provided, you have to know how to attract dragonflies. Emergent and shoreline plants provide areas where they can rest and take cover from predators. Most bugs pose a great threat to our gardens. Even with their acute vision and agile flight, both dragonflies and damselflies fall prey to birds, fish, spiders, frogs, lizards and even other dragonflies. How to Attract Dragonflies to Your Garden. There seems to be a big surge in interest for attracting dragonflies to gardens and many online sources are suggesting the best plants for the job. Damselflies have much thinner, ligher bodies than dragonflies. The plants produce very fragrant, vanilla-scented flowers that range from blue-purple, lavender, or even white.

Pond Plants That Attract Dragonflies. Here are 5 easy-to-grow plants that attract dragonflies to your garden. Host Plants: Where Found: Worldwide except in Arctic environments. Plant a few native plants at its edge for wind protection. < Back. Some claim they smell more like cherry pie! Bodies of water that include dense vegetation around the edges are ideal, because the plants provide cover for the slow-growing nymphs.