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I AM Affirmations A Tool for the … "New Human" with guided audio to powerfully support YOU! Affirmations: Now, I am going to share some affirmations that I use on a regular basis. If you would like to see additional affirmations here then please email me. I AM becoming more and more successful every day. I AM a money magnet and attract money easily. I am writing them all in first person. Life is fun and rewarding.

I am clear, untouched, and unharmed by all that I have experienced in my life. I recognize the good in others and the good in me. I attract peaceful and relaxed people in my life. 3. Simple as that. 1. 24 Personalized Christian Affirmations.

I am unique. It is the beginning of whole new way of life and being. 2. Who are you declaring yourself to be? I need a little more. I am in control. These affirmations are …
18. I accept and love myself for all that I am. I am a great father. I AM grateful for another day to make a positive contribution. 6. I loved it because it told me who I am … “I am affirmations” also work for others—if your friend is going through a rough patch, positive affirmations help them. I AM Affirmations for Success. I AM grateful for another day to make a positive contribution. Years ago, my pastor handed out red bookmarks with 40 “I am” statements that were based on Biblical truths. I enjoy taking some time to enjoy the peace and quiet during the day. I am a success magnet. If you feel any uncomfortable feeling, hold space for it. I am bold and courageous. 19. 4.

I am in tune with my emotions. I feel good about being alive and being me. Tap into the power of your words with these 101 I Am affirmations. There is a whole new paradigm arriving on the planet. I am a caring and giving person. I am in great shape and good health. I use my power lovingly when I have influence over others Affirmations for Personal Growth; I remember myself as the master that I am, the master I have always been. I am forgiven. I am a good provider for my family.

Amazing opportunities exist for me in every aspect of my life. 1. 6. Affirmations aren’t about denying or avoiding what you feel. I am just where I should be today, and I am taking the right steps. Simply type affirmations or I AM affirmations in the Youtube search bar and a selection of videos will come up for you to choose from. I even have a board dedicated to affirmations.

I am proud of my career and my success. I have many talents to use and be proud of. 5.

Lastly, Pinterest is typically my go-to place to find I AM affirmations and affirmations in general. Switch up the I am to You are. I AM always in the right place at the right time. I AM a money magnet and attract money easily. I am never alone. I feel powerful and energized. The affirmations with a single asterisk (*) in front of them are the ones that either I use daily or recommend to clients and/or patients. I AM constantly being offered new opportunities for success.
2. Here are 100 I am Affirmations to increase your self-confidence. I am affirmations for men. I use my affirmations for Christian moms every day, but sometimes, they’re not enough. The power of I Am is always at work in your life – they are the two most important words in the English language because they radiate creative power. I am affirmations for abundance. No one can dim my inner light. I AM always in the right place at the right time. 1 John 2:12 …because your sins have been forgiven through Jesus. I am surrounded by peace, harmony and good energy. 4. Affirmations are a healthy way to zap negative thoughts and boost your spirits. I am full of possibilities.