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An estimated 50,000 murres use the conveniently located rocks just offshore from the Yaquina Chum salmon fingerlings might be the important prey resources for avian predators during early spring, predation rate might not be very high (less than 1%) in the Otsuchi area. Common Murre. Glaucous gulls are known to prey particularly upon murre eggs and unattended chicks. The Common Murre lay their eggs on the ledges on the steep cliff of the rocky ocean sides; the predators have been chasing off the parents and stealing the eggs. PREDATORS OF MURRE EGGS AND NESTLINGS and red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) prey on adults, as well as eggs and nestlings (Fay and Cade 1959, Petersen 1982, respectively). Common murre : P Japanese cormorant ... 2.Main predators were Black-tailed gulls breeding 5km apart from the salmon hatchery. Common Murre prey consumption in the California Current System Seabirds are top predators in marine ecosystems and need substantial amounts of krill and forage fish in order to survive and reproduce each year. Common murre typically dive underwater to depths up to 100 feet, but have reached a recorded depth of 550 feet. Changes in the number and size of murre colonies on the north and central coast were associated with the regional density of Bald Eagle nests and initial number of murres present at each site, rather than immediate proximity of eagle nests to murre colonies. 3. 2. We examined the behavioural interactions of a mobile marine predator, the common murre Uria aalge, and its prey in a cold ocean regime in the context of shifting foraging constraints of the predator during various periods of the year. We used to see these babies often with the parent in the ocean or the bay, but we seldom see them any more. In addition, commercial fisheries and other top predators, including predatory fish and marine mammals, often rely on the same prey species. Common Murre (Uria aalge) are the most abundant avian apex predator nesting in the California Current System (CCS) and nesting is the most energetically demanding phase of their lifecycle. The preyscape within flight distance of their nesting colony determines whether murres produce young, how hard they must work to do so, and what prey types are available to them. NEWPORT, Ore. - A rapidly growing colony of common murres at Yaquina Head near Newport has drawn the attention of predators - both expected and unexpected - as well as of scientists, who say the bird is an "indicator species" that can provide vital information about climate change. Common murre do not make nests, instead laying eggs directly on bare rock or soil on a steep cliff or ledge facing … Then, who would be the main cause of natural depletion of salmon?

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So I was very happy to see this baby Common Murre with its parent today in Tillamook Bay.