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invertebrates. Major Animal Phyla. You will learn the seven levels of classification that show how all animals are divided into smaller groups until there is just one species left. You will also see how scientists use branching keys to help figure out what an animal might be. Animal classification is a system of grouping animals by their similar characteristics.

But animals also show a lot of diversity. Each of the animal phyla listed in the table has at least 10,000 species. You will learn the seven levels of classification that show how all animals are divided into smaller groups until there is just one species left. They range from simple sponges to complex humans. Such topics are taught in school during science lesson, through books and may be discussion during reading sessions with parents.

Animal Classification. While Linnaeus’ work was groundbreaking and set the stage for the work done by more modern taxonomists, many of Linnaeus’ ideas have been abandoned by modern taxonomists. General Knowledge | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod. Animal Classification. 1 . I set up five tables or stations, with each table representing a specific classification of vertebrates (fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals). Based on the type of food we eat, we can be categorized into vegetarians or non vegetarians. All animals share basic traits. Members of the animal kingdom are divided into more than 30 phyla. classification: a systematic arrangement in groups species: a group of animals that are more like each other than they are like any other group of animals property: a special quality of something mammal: any of a class of warm-blooded vertebrates that include human beings and all other animals that nourish their young with milk produced by mammary glands and have skin usually with some hair

Playing animal classification games helps children learn to categorize animals into classes and families.

Classification of Animals. Vertebrates have a backbone, while invertebrates are those which don’t. Pallava Bagla / Getty Images. Invertebrates .

One of my favorite and most successful lessons for presenting classification of animals is through the use of stations. 'Classification of Animals' explains how animals are grouped and named by looking at some of the most fascinating creatures on the planet. Classification of Animals: It is a matter of common observation that individuals related to one another tend to be similar and the degree of the similarity depends upon the degree of the kinship. Table below lists the nine phyla with the greatest number of species. Clearly number and label each table with braille and large print. Classification of Animals.