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. Super Dwarf Reticulated Pythons are notoriously ferocious eaters, so getting them switched over from live to frozen/thawed quickly should not be a problem. 2019 Albino Darwin Carpet Pythons SOLD. These snakes will likely need to be upgraded multiple times before they are fully grown. Reticulated pythons are some of the largest snakes in the world, usually between 10 and 20 feet (300 and 610 cm) long and weighing over 250 pounds (110 kg), with larger ones recorded at 32 feet (980 cm) long and weighing 350 pounds (160 kg). Baby Male Tiger Reticulated Python $224.99. It belongs to the family Pythonidae from the order Squamata. Live Arrival Guarantee. The scientific name of this snake is Malayopython Reticulatus. I agree Our site saves small pieces of text information (cookies) on your device in order to deliver better content and for statistical purposes. They are slow moving but very meticulous so they can cover large areas in a given day. Reticulated pythons typically feeds on birds and mammals. Purchase this product now and earn 274 Points! 2019 Male Orange Glow SOLD. Add to Cart View Options. The reticulated python (Malayopython reticulatus) is a snake species in the family Pythonidae native to South and Southeast Asia.It is the world's longest snake and listed as least concern on the IUCN Red List because of its wide distribution. 2019 Male Borneo Blood Python $154.99. Beautiful Phantom Golden Child Reticulated Pythons for sale at the lowest prices only at Underground Reptiles. The Reticulated Python, Python reticulatus, is a large species of python with wide distribution found across Southeast Asia, Indonesia and the Indo-Australian Archipelago. Adults can grow to over 28 feet in length but normally average 10-20 feet. Large reticulated pythons normally eat mammals and birds, with items as large as deer and pigs being readily taken. It is one of the three heaviest snakes in the world. RETICULATED PYTHON (Super Dwarf) Caresheet Common Name: Super Dwarf Riticulated Python Scientific Name: Python reticulatus Origin: Native to islands in Southeast Asia where its reticulated color pattern helps it blend into the rainforest environment.

Ships Priority Overnight. Quick View. Beautiful Phantom Golden Child Reticulated Pythons for sale at the lowest prices only at Underground Reptiles. As the snake grows, it will need to be upgraded to a larger enclosure. 2012 Female Lavender Albino Reticulated Python * Captive bred by The Serpentarium! Ships Priority Overnight. White Albino Reticulated Pythons (Python reticulatus) $274.99. Many Dwarf reticulated pythons grow to less than 8 feet (2.4 m) in length for males and 12 feet (3.6 m) in length for females.

The London Zoo's baby pythons the first to be hatched there for 30 years, are now a week old and are two feet in length. These species is mostly found in the areas like rain forests, woodlands, grasslands, streams, […] Reticulated Pythons (Babies) Reticulated Python (Python reticulatus) $149.99 .

2019 Biak Green Tree Pythons SOLD.